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"If you think you might like it, try it."

Katie Augspurger came to speak to us on the 2nd of December and left us with lots of information on the PHD process and what her experience being a woman in the sciences has been like the past three years she has been going through the PHD process.

She explains that being hands on is one of the reasons she chose this career, so she would be able to combine what she loves to do every day with her passions and hobbies. However doing an internship over the summer at Brown was one of the main things that pushed her to where she is now.

Because of this revelation after interning over the summer, which led her to pursuing her current career, she recommends (as stated above) to try everything that you think you may have even the slightest interest in.

If you are interested in anything related to the sciences, obtaining a PHD at one point, or just want to hear more about what Katie has to say, click on her image and watch her tell us her story.

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