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"Find what you are adept at and go forward with that."

Dr. Elinor Gates is a staff astronomer at Lick Observatory specializing in laser guide star adaptive optics and near infrared camera instrumentation and observations.

Dr. Gates did her undergraduate studies, majoring in Mathematics and Astrophysics, at Mount Holyoke College. She received her Ph.D. in Physics/Astronomy from the University of New Mexico in 1998. Before moving to Lick Observatory, she worked at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, IAU Minor Planet Center, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, and the Air Force Phillips Laboratory.

Dr. Gates’ current research interests are studying quasars and their host galaxies, discovering dust obscured quasars, and measuring the masses of quasar and AGN central black holes. Asteroid (2650) Elinor is named in Dr. Gates’ honor.

If you are interested in astronomy, a career in the sciences, or want to hear from an extremely talented and smart speaker, click her image to see her interview.

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