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"You make your own decisions, you don't owe any explanations to anyone."

Dr. Beltran has lots of experience in many fields such as residency rotations in General Surgery and Plastic/ Reconstructive Surgery, graduating medical school, obtaining surgical specialties in Scandinavia, obtaining a Masters Degree in Aerospace Sciences, helping train commercial and military pilots, and obtaining a Doctoral degree in Aerospace Medicine/ Occupational Health. She has developed Spacewalk protocols for the construction of the ISS at NASA- Johnson Space Center and was awarded two Amelia Earhart fellowships from Zonta International Foundation in 1996 and 1997.

She currently serves as Deputy Director of REVEALS ( a NASA-SSERVI programs aiming to study novel compositions, their integration of radiation effective shielding materials by using novel polymers that could minimize or eliminate the LEEs effect).

If you are interested in hearing more about what med school is like, or about the endless things that Dr. Beltran has achieved, click on her photo to find the link to the interview.

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