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"Have a variety of interests. If you do, you can see the bigger picture of what you are studying."

Delquin Gong has always been interested in science, but found that biology especially interested her when she was in high school. She has been learning for a while; she grew cultured cells and manipulated them in college and did her PhD research at Stanford studying the regulation of entry into mitosis in mammalian cells. She also did a postdoc at UCSF where she studied spatial signaling in cell polarity and cell migration.

Currently she is a senior scientist on the R&D team for the Bio-education program at Bio-Rad Laboratories, where they develop engaging, hands-on activities and curriculum for high schools and higher education (college/university).

If you want to learn more about PhD research, different aspects of biology, or just want to hear an inspiring woman speak, click on Delquin's photo!

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